If you’ve been looking for a way to make dinnertime delicious and easy, then you’ve come to the right place!

Fixin’ To Eat is a meal-assembly kitchen (that’s meal-prep nowadays). Our mission is to eliminate your “What’s For Dinner?” debacle by providing freezer-friendly dinner kits that you cook at home.

How are we different than the subscription services out there? Our meal kits come fully prepped so that the only thing you need at home is access to cooking equipment, a pan or two and some cooking utensils. You won’t be chopping, dicing or zesting a thing at home so the cleanup is minimal. Our meal kits can stay frozen for weeks and sometimes up to months, so you’re never “on the line” to cook something before it goes bad. Essentially, we offer a local service that does everything for you up to the point of actual cooking. Say goodbye to hours of planning, shopping and prepping!

We offer pickup and delivery, so if you’ve been relying on take-out and dinner delivery services, give your pocketbook a break and see how our concept will save you money.

Welcome to the Fixin’ To Eat Family!

Mayor Carlat truly values Peoria’s small business community and we were so honored to receive her Restaurant of the Month award.

You can think of us as your “restaurant at home”.