We are not a typical retail store that is open morning to night for walk-ins. Fixin' To Eat operates by pre-order and pre-scheduled appointments. We certainly invite you to come in to look around and to have your questions answered. Typically, someone is in the store Monday through Saturday. However, it's always best to give us at call at (623) 583-8283 to ensure someone is onsite before making the drive over.
Not at this time. Most of our "regulars" know the benefits of our service so they stock their freezer each month. We welcome you to try a few to see what it feels like to not have to worry about dinner for a few nights that week.
We charge 10% of your total order for pick-up orders. This fee covers the labor cost involved in putting together your order. So, if your order is $100, there will be a $10 fee added to assemble it for you. You are always welcome to avoid this service fee by booking an "assemble your own order" session.
Yes. We deliver on Fridays (2-4pm) and Saturdays (10am-12pm) to the following zip codes. There is an additional fee that is calculated during checkout based on your zip code and someone must be home to accept the delivery. 85083, 85306, 85308, 85310, 85351, 85363, 85373, 85374. 85375, 85378, 85379, 85381, 85382, 85383, 85385, 85387
Absolutely. Just give us a heads-up in case we will be close to max capacity at that time. We also invite your child to come along. You'd be amazed at how much more a picky eater will try when they have had their own hands in the creation of the dish!
Fixin' To Eat doesn't have any cooking equipment on site. Doing the final cooking step at home means your food comes out with great taste and texture.
Some menu items may show a "Lighter Fixin's" option. Typically, alternate ingredients are used in that variation of the recipe (lite mayo, lite sour cream, lite margarine instead of butter, etc). Other times it may simply be an omission of the breading step with the recipe's cooking instructions. Feel free to reach out if you need further clarification.
We do our best to post nutritional information. When you are previewing or ordering from the menu, click on [+] next to the menu item name for more information. Brand new menu items may not have nutritional info posted right away since it is a time-consuming process. We do not use a generalized calculator like most restaurants do. We wait until we have each ingredient on hand and then manually calculate the information. This slows down the process but gives you precise and accurate information.
Many items on each menu are naturally "diet" friendly. You can use the menu filter (dropdown box) to find items that fit into particular eating styles (gluten-free, keto, etc). Please give us a call at (623) 583-8283 with specific questions or make notes in the order comments section with any special requests.
We source our ingredients from the same suppliers the restaurants use (unless we have to get some specialty items such as gluten-free sauces, etc). Please know that I am absolutely dedicated to using high quality ingredients (even if it means spending a little more)! My family lives off of Fixin' To Eat food so I snag organic, grass-fed, and wild-caught as often as I can if it's within a reasonable cost. I avoid products containing HFCS, MSG, "pink-slime" and other additives or poor production practices.
At Fixin’ To Eat, we realize that life happens and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please realize that we order from our vendors and hand-prepare all of the ingredients based on what you ordered. In order to keep menu prices affordable and food waste to a minimum, the following cancellation policy has been established. (see Terms of Service for additional details). -Cancellations received more than 24 hours in advance will receive full credit toward a future purchase. -If a last minute cancellations occurs (within 24 hours) or you fail to arrive for your session, your order will be assembled for you (assembly fee applies). -If there is no person home to take delivery during your scheduled time, we will attempt to reach you and then leave your order at the door. -To cancel or reschedule please call us at 623-583-8283. If we are unable to answer, please leave a detailed message including your phone number. If you do not hear back from us within 12 hours, please try again to ensure we received your cancellation. Thank you!