Single Serving

Better Than Mom’s Meatloaf – Serves 1

CUSTOMER FAVORITE!  All-natural lean ground beef or turkey is combined with seasoned breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, marinara sauce, seasonings and then topped with a sweet and savory sauce**.  Mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables are included.

  • Individual serving in an oven-ready pan
  • Cooks from frozen
  • Options:  Gluten free, lower carb/sugar, no added salt*

*No added salt means that we will make the entree without adding any additional table salt. Please note that we are unable to modify sodium content in pre-made sauces, ingredients or side items.

**Side items and/or recipe may be different with modifications. See details when ordering.

Nutritional Details

Click to link(s) below for the nutritional labels.  Please note that any modifications made when ordering will alter the figures listed on these labels.

Better Than Mom’s Meatloaf Beef – Single Fixin’s

Better Than Mom’s Meatloaf Beef No Salt – Single Fixin’s

Better Than Mom’s Meatloaf Turkey – Single Fixin’s

Better Than Mom’s Meatloaf Turkey No Salt – Single Fixin’s

Cooking Instructions

DO NOT DEFROST – COOK FROM FROZEN Preheat oven to 400°. Remove lid (careful, foil edges are sharp). Bake on middle rack for 40 minutes (stir sides after 30 minutes to prevent drying out). Internal temperature of meatloaf should reach 160° (165° for turkey).

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