Serves 3

Green Goddess Pork Tenderloin

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An all-natural pork tenderloin is seasoned, cooked and then served with our house-made green goddess sauce (a creamy sauce with fresh parsley, tarragon, basil, chives and lemon juice).

  • Includes your choice of rice
  • Contains three servings
  • Packaged in food grade freezer bags
  • Thaw prior to cooking
  • Free of gluten

Nutritional Details

Green Goddess Pork Tenderloin

Cooking Instructions

Thaw in refrigerator. Cook within 2 days of being thawed. Remove sauce bag and keep on counter while cooking. Begin preparing included rice, if included. Season the tenderloin with the included seasoning (use all of it for best results) and cook.

PORK TENDERLOIN – cook to 155°

Grill:  Cook over med heat for approx. 20-30 min turning occasionally

Oven:  Preheat to 400°.  On foil-lined pan, cook approx. 20-30 min

Let rest, then cut the tenderloin into medallions and serve with green goddess sauce

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