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Masala Flatbread Pizzas – Serves 1

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Two mini naan breads (flatbread) are topped with a chicken butter masala sauce (chicken, cream, crushed tomato, onion, ginger, fresh garlic, butter and toasted spices) and mozzarella cheese. This dish has a tiny bit of heat that can’t be avoided (mild spice level).

  • Individual serving in an oven-ready pan
  • Cooks from frozen

Nutritional Details

Masala Flatbread Pizzas – Single Fixin’s

Cooking Instructions

Preheat oven to 425. Remove lid (careful, foil edges may be sharp). DO NOT PUT THIS LID IN THE OVEN. Remove the top pizza and foil sheet from the pan. Place this foil, with the pizza on top, directly on the oven rack.  Also place the foil pan with the other pizza in it on the oven rack. Bake both for 15 minutes or until naan bread is browning at edges and toppings are bubbly hot. Allow to cool for a few minutes.

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