Serves 3

Orange Peel Chicken or Shrimp

This dish always gets rave reviews!  All-natural chicken breast pieces or large shrimp are lightly coated and cooked before being tossed in a class Asian sauce with orange zest.  Serve with provided rice and feel free to increase the spice level using the included Sriracha.  Please note:  A handful of people have found this dish to be a tad spicy.

  • Includes your choice of rice*
  • Contains three servings
  • Packaged in food grade freezer bags
  • Thaw prior to cooking
  • Free of dairy and gluten (tamari)
  • Options Available:  No onion

Nutritional Details

Orange Peel Chicken

Orange Peel Chicken Gluten Free

Orange Peel Shrimp

Orange Peel Shrimp Gluten Free

Cooking Instructions

Thaw in refrigerator. Cook within 2 days (chicken) or 1 day (shrimp) of being thawed.


  1. Begin cooking the included rice.
  2. Preheat oven on broil and transfer chicken/shrimp to cornstarch bag (discard juice).
  3. Seal bag and shake well to coat.
  4. Line a cooking sheet with foil and then coat liberally with nonstick or oil.
  5. Spread chicken/shrimp in single layer and broil:

Chicken:  15 min then turn chicken over and cook an additional 10 minutes

Shrimp:  4 min then turn over and continue cooking just until shrimp are curled

  1. Empty sauce bag onto chicken or shrimp and toss to coat.
  2. If chicken or shrimp need more cook time, return to the oven for 1-5 min.

Stovetop – Sear chicken or shrimp over high heat, just cooking outside.  Add sauce and bring to boil.  Shrimp should be fully cooked by now.  Chicken will need longer, so reduce the heat to low and simmer for additional 5 min or until chicken is cooked to 165°

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