Who’s ready for football season?  These are the crispiest bone-in chicken wings you can get WITHOUT the carbs and fat of deep-frying.  A dozen jumbo wings bake up in the oven (they cook for over an hour) and then get tossed in your choice of sauce.  Serve with your own dressing of choice.  Keto friendly with the mild and hot option.  This item is already assembled and frozen.

4 Baked Wings:  427 Calories, 28.8g Fat (7.9g Saturated), 0g Total Carbs, 0g Fiber, 0g Sugar, 39.9g Protein    11

1 Tbs Traditional Buffalo HOT:

1 Tbs Traditional Buffalo MILD:

1 Tbs Honey Buffalo HOT:

1 Tbs Honey Buffalo MILD:

1 Tbs BBQ Buffalo HOT:

1 Tbs BBQ Buffalo MILD: