This dish can be made at a medium or hot spice level!  All-natural diced chicken breast pieces are seasoned in an authentic Thai Curry paste and cilantro before being skewered.  Serve with provided rice.  Gluten-Free.


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Nutritional info coming soon

Nutritional Information for 1/2 Cup Cooked Rice

Jasmine:  103 Calories, 0.2g Fat (0.1g Saturated), 22g Total Carbs, 0.3g Fiber, 0g Sugar, 2.1g Protein    3

Basmati:  83 Calories, 0g Fat (0g Saturated), 18.5g Total Carbs, 0.5g Fiber, 0g Sugar, 2g Protein    2

Brown:  85 Calories, 0.8g Fat (0g Saturated), 18g Total Carbs, 1g Fiber, 0g Sugar, 2g Protein    2


3, 6