Features of Each Menu

  • All meals are made here in our Peoria, AZ location using restaurant-quality ingredients and without adding any junk (preservatives, stabilizers, etc.).
  • We offer a variety of hand-trimmed proteins and sauces made from scratch.
  • Each meal contains easy-to-follow cooking instructions.
  • Meals are placed in the freezer after we make them in order to preserve freshness and to extend their “life” at home.
  • We offer many variations in order to provide options to those with dietary and/or allergy issues.  See FAQ’s for more detail.

Original Meal Kits

Ideal for couples and families that want a wide variety of menu items, dietary options and cooking methods.

Single Fixin's

Individually packaged meals that go straight from the freezer to the oven. Perfect for singles or couples.

The Market

Specialty items to make your everyday meals or special event meals easy and delicious.

These meal kits have been such a game changer for us. After we get home from sports, the last thing I want to do is think about dinner. Knowing we have something easy to cook at home keeps us out of the drive-thru lines.
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Brianna C.
After my back surgery I just couldn't do alot of cooking. The single meals made it easy for us to get good nutritious meals. They even make them low sodium for us. I'm recovered now but they're so easy that we're going to continue.
grandparents, love, married-1054311.jpg
Ruth S.
We've been ordering the family meals for a few years now but once I started working from home we decided to also try the individual meals so that I'd have an easy lunch. They're working out really well. Thanks!
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Brian W.
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